Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Test #2, Here I come!!

Well I got my kit for the tissue type testing. This is so easy!!! All it is is a box with 3 tubes in it, the paperwork for the lab, and a package to send back to U of M via UPS. Please call Chad today to get your paperwork for test #1, which is a matter of going to your local lab and getting 2 viles of blood drawn. If you are a blood type match then you can go on to test #2 like I am doing now.

I have already decided that if I am not the donor, and we find someone who is then I am going to put on a fundraiser for the donor to cover the expenses for while they are off from work seeing how our insurance will not cover that. So, you have nothing to lose!!! Except a kidney, and you only need one anyway. God only gave you 2 so that you could share in times of need like these.

Please take time to call Chad today, and be sure to clarify that you are wanting to be tested for Raymond Jacobs, as there were 2 patients with the last name of Jacobs that signed up at U of M on the same day, leading to a little bit of confusion. Remember with your help not only will Jim get to see Becca graduate in 2 years, but also Alyson in 4 years, and Adam in 6 years!!


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