Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Prayers needed

There is a young lady that is in Alyson's class, she is our neighbor and on the softball team with Aly that needs our immediate prayers. She is in kidney and liver failure after taking TYLENOL! For unknown reasons she felt the need to end her life, and took an abundance of tylenol and pain killers. The tylenol proved to be the most damaging. This happened on Friday, and on Saturday her parents were told they should start planning her funeral. Through prayer and the grace of God, she is still with us. She will be starting dialysis and is need of a liver transplant. This family definetely needs our prayers and support right now.

Please talk with your children and your friends about the dangers of tylenol. After a discussion last night with friends I found out that this is happening more and more because people do not realize how dangerous tylenol can be. Tylenol can cause liver failure even when taken slightly over the suggested amount.

It's days like this that I think all of our children should just be put in a bubble. As parents we want so badly to protect them from everything, and no matter how hard we try or how good of a job we did raising them, we just can't protect them from getting hurt or hurting themselves.

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