Monday, August 4, 2008

Beaumont Hospital...

Things are going really well at Beaumont Hospital. Jim and I are very excited. We met with the Surgeon a couple of weeks ago, he's awesome! He has the values and experience we were looking for. Not only is he an excellent Surgeon, but he has a wonderful bedside manner. He was recruited by Beaumont from Chicago over a year ago. He loves being at the smaller hospital where he can have a closer relationship with his patients, and not have them be just another number.

Jim, John and I are going to a class down there tomorrow night. Then Jim has to meet with one of Beaumont's cardiologist for clearance. I promise to do better at keeping everyone up to date through here.

Becca broke her foot and sprained her ankle last weekend. She is in a portable air cast that she can remove to take a shower. She is really bummed, cause she really likes her new job at the Lake Inn, and can't work now for a month. She had gotten home from work last Saturday night, and went back out to her Tahoe to get her phone charger. When she stepped down off from the porch, she turned her ankle and down she went. I scooped her up and off to the ER we went.

So, yes. It has been another exciting week at the Jacobs' household:)

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