Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a week...

What a week it has been...

Monday we went to see a surgeon about getting mobility back in Jim's left hand, as the gout has done some severe damage. Needless to say this appt. did not go well, leaving the Dr. to say, "you're only chance to stop the progression of the gout is to get a kidney transplant, and there is nothing I can do to get you the use of your hand back" Well, thank you very much!

Later that evening Jim started getting very sick, as of dialysis on Tuesday morning he had lost over 6 lbs. from Saturday and was severly dehydrated. He was in so much pain from the gout, that by Tuesday early evening we made a trip to the ER after no luck with pain management from the array of drugs that we already have available to us. While trying to get his chronic pain under control and stop the progression of the acute gout attack that he was having Jim stopped breathing. I will save you the horrific details, but as I told him later, "The color blue does not suit you and I don't ever want to see him in it again!" Due to major difficulties with his Medicaid and Medicare they were not able to keep him for observation and sent him home with his pulse ox in the higher 80's (which meant he really needed to be kept on oxygen, but as long as I kept an eye on him through the night, they thought he'd be fine!) Thank you once again; afterall, who needs sleep???

Yesterday he had a great day. Julie, his ocupational therapist, is making great strides in his hand mobility, yeah!!! And no thanks to that nasty surgeon on Monday!!! And then there's today... yeah, last night he started getting sick again, and after dialysis this morning, he's just feeling yucky:(

So, there is my therapy for the day, thanks for listening, and keep those prayers coming:)

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