Friday, December 1, 2006

Good morning! Well, I've been trying to get more pics on, but seem to be having difficulty with that, darn dial up!!!

Jim slept most of yesterday, and is having a real hard time eating. They had to give him more fluids yesterday at dialysis, as he is still dehydrated. His blood pressure has been up, but we have good meds for that and just keep a very close eye on it.

This morning it's yucky out, our front porch is covered with ice. I'm curious how Jen, Kristy and Steph are making out in Traverse?? So, if you venture out today, PLEASE be careful!!! I almost fell on my a** taking Becca to school! Alyson is going to Lansing to her first big dog show today. She will be competing in the Junior Handler group. She is soooo nervous!!! And Adam has his first big dance after school today. Him and Lexie have been planning on what they are wearing all week:) It's so cute. He is growing up just way to fast!

Have a wonderful day, and TGIF!!!


Steph said...

Hey guys! I hope your day gets better! We have been praying for you guys! Awww, I'm so glad you added us in your blog! That is funny that Aly is going to Lansing today. Tyler was supposed to be there at the Governor's mansion today. His artwork was selected to be on the MI tree for a Christmas decoration and they were supposed to go down there and take a tour of the Mansion and Office, but of course it had to snow like crazy today. They canceled it because the roads were so bad. But his art is going to be on the governor's website starting Dec 15. We are just now getting hit hard. Tyler's school closed at 12:30, and 131 in Mesick is closed. Agghhhhhh, I HATE SNOW! Did mom tell you Ty dislocated his radius and broke his elbow last Monday? He had to have surgery on Tuesday morning to get everything back in place, but it is not holding him back (unfortunately, kidding!). Jace and Lexie are doing really good too! Well, tell everyone I said hey and I love you guys!

Jan Jacobs said...

Thanks so much for updating us on Tyler. We have been praying for him. That is so cool about his artwork, we'll be watching the web for it.
Love you guys!
Aunt Jan

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