Friday, December 22, 2006

God is so good!

I'm a little frustered as I spent 2 hours this morning trying to tell you everything that happened yesterday, only to loose my connection several times along with everything that I typed...aarrrggghhhhh!!! So, I'm going to try again...

First of all, we finally received a phone call from U of M late yesterday. Jim IS a good candidate for a 3rd kidney transplant!! He only needs a letter from our cardiologist and a MRA on his legs to ensure that his veins are ok. Dr. Harris has already told us that he would ok the surgery so we are not worried about that at all. And U of M has already contacted us today to set up his MRA, it's on Sunday, January 7, 2007. They don't fool around let me tell ya!

Second of all, Jim and I talked to a social worker in great detail on Wednesday in regards to the donor. And after much discussion Jim finally gave in to let me be tested to be a donor for him. He has not been for this idea at all, but I wanted to try. So, I had my blood type test done on Wednesday, and I got those results yesterday.... so far.... I AM a match! I am so excited I can't hardly stand it. However, the 2nd test will be done on Monday, January 8th and will take about a month to get the results back. This is the tissue type test and is the hardest of the 3 test. Please continue to pray for us that this will be God's will.

If we have to wait for a cadaver (non-living) kidney donor it will take 4-5 years. But if we can find a living donor (see details of how YOU can be a donor at the left!!) then we can have this done sooner, and his chances will be better. U of M agreed that Jim just does not handle dialysis well. He didn't when he was a teenager; however, we were hoping that with the new technology and the new dialysis machines that this time would be better. When he was younger he had been given only a few months of survival after 2 years of being on dialysis, and so I just don't want to wait that long this time. He is continually losing weight, and his quality of life is just not there.

Jim's brother, John, is also being tested to be a donor; however, we need as many people to be tested as possible as it will not be easy to find a donor for him. You see...due to Jim's 2 previous kidney transplants, and blood transfusions he has developed more antibodies which will be more difficult to match.

For now we are thanking God for his Love and Grace, and His Blessings during this Christmas season.

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Mom and Leo said...

We are so excited about your news and hope things go well.

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