Monday, December 11, 2006


What a whirlwind of a weekend. Jim did well on dialysis Saturday morning; however, he way over did it this weekend. Saturday I had a class in the morning including 4 new customers (wahoo!!!). After that we went down to dad's for Christmas dinner. It was ok, but very, very weird without Judy & Jim, Jenny & Kristy, Steph & her kids, Claude & Pam and Jim & Debi (we missed you guys terribly). I was preoccupied with a baby!! I got to babysit our niece, Moneice. Wes's Grandma passed away so I got to play with the baby all weekend!!! I had a great time, but remember why I have no more babies of my own!!! I was whipped last night.

Yesterday we went to church and watched Aly and Adam in their Christmas programs. Adam did a great job! He remembered all of his lines and never faltered. He actually looked very natural, which makes me nervous. I don't know which would be a tougher career choice, a policeman or an actor??? And I'm thinking that a child with ADHD would never have done such a great job as Adam did, so there Mrs. Cicchini!! :-0

Anyway, afterwards we stayed for the Deacons dinner, which was awesome as usual. And then we came home to our wonderful friends Ricky and Corinna in our kitchen. They had made a complete Turkey feast, complete with all of the fixin's and snacks. We had a great time, Rick worked on Adam's room, making him a loft bed, and Corinna and I did a little Christmas shopping. It was so much fun hangin out with our friends!

But now the weekend is over, the kids are back in school, and Jim's mom went to Lonnies for a couple of days, so I'm hoping that Jim can rest. His blood pressure has been up and his ankles were very swollen last night. I haven't seen them that bad since the end of August before he went on dialysis. We need to get him settled back down before we go to Ann Arbor next week.


Judy Carr said...

What in the heck are you doing up at 4:30am??? I was too but it was to take the puppy outside! Love ya! I'll call you!

Jan Jacobs said...

It was actually 7:30 am, this blog is from CA and on their time. Trust me...if I get up then, I go back to bed!!!

Love ya!

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