Friday, December 8, 2006

"Why, why, why?"

Ok, last night I did throw my hands up in the night sky towards all those stars and asked, "why, why, why?"

Yesterday our dryer quit (AGAIN!! 2nd time and it's only 9 mos. old) so I decided that's it, I'm tearing it apart! So, I crawled back behind it, took the back off, and some other parts, and discovered that the heating element coils were broke. So, I called around and found the part in Flint, had a friend pick it up after work, and I installed it last night. Wahlah!! It works!! Although I am very proud of myself, I'm disgusted that it cost us $75. I could have had a repair man come out to see if the part was defective and had it repaired for free; HOWEVER, I would have to pay the $60 service call. That is udderly ridiculous!! Once again, it was faster and easier to just do it myself.

Then, we've been having some problems with our new (old) vehicle that we got, so I had someone check it out yesterday. Not only is the CV joint bad, but the water pump is gone and needs to be replaced ASAP, the part alone is $120. LOVE, Inc. is a wonderful organization that is helping us out. They found a gentleman that will put the pump in for free. We are surrounded by wonderful loving and caring people, it's just so frustrating that we seem to go 2 steps forward, and then 1 step back.

I ended up running errands all day yesterday not feeling like I accomplished much of anything. Adam had study island, and then him and Aly had rehearsals for their Christmas programs until 9 last night. Then when we got home Adam took off his sock and it was covered in blood! We have been to the Dr. twice in the last 2-3 months for an ingrown toenail. We have decided to go ahead and let the Dr. cut it out. We had been trying not to go this route; however, enough is enough.

Jim did fairly well at dialysis yesterday, he come home just feeling "yuck". His appetite seems to be picking up; however, he is still losing weight. After all that he had eaten the last couple of days I was very surprised that he went in yesterday and weighed less than he did on Tuesday when he left. They have given him something for the nausea, and for his upset stomach so hopefully this will level out.

I am still in the middle of a horrible mess from moving my office stuff out into the garage, and I have a crop tonight!!! I just need a deep breath and a pepsi!!


Barb said...

If you drank COKE instead of pepsi, you wouldn't be in such a mess!........ya think? Barb

Jan Jacobs said...

Sorry, Barb. It's just never gonna happen!!!

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