Friday, January 19, 2007

Good morning!

I finally got 7 and a half hours of sleep last night, and I'm starting to feel human again:) It's been a crazy week, as it is the last week of the semester for Aly, Adam and Becca, with the girls doing half days and finals all week. And it's Staci's first week of her winter semester. So, our schedules have been really messed up this week.

Staci got us a family pass to the Rec Center, and took me yesterday to get me used to the exercise equipment. I walked a mile and worked a couple of other machines. Maybe that's why I slept so good. Jim is excited and thinks maybe he'll try and go a little too. It would be good for him to walk a little; although this week his joints are hurting really bad again. He is back on the dalated (aka: 'hydromorphone' is 3 times more powerful than morphine) which bums me out a little. I just feel so bad that in order to make it through the day he has to be on something so strong.

He's also getting a really bad sore throat, so please pray that it doesn't turn into something terrible. He saw his doctor yesterday at dialysis, and Dr. Zaki said he's looking good. He's happy with the way the dialysis is cleaning his blood, and that he is somewhat maintaining his weight now.

Casey is doing really good. I can see such a big difference in him this week. He has actually eaten a whole bowl of food for the last 3 days. Yahoo!!! This morning he was wagging his tail again, and he even let me scratch his belly. Which is a huge deal, as he has never let me do that. I just can't even imagine someone abusing this beautiful animal. Now, Marco and Polo???? I can invision abusing them everyday... as they are currenlty running around the house chasing each other up and down, and in and out of everything. I hope Staci knows how much we love her that we would not only let her move back home, but also let her bring these heathens with her?!?! I have to say I'm really glad I got those airsoft guns for Aly, Becca and Adam. LOL!!!

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