Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I just heard from my sister, Judy, that her husband, Jim, is having surgery ASAP. He had surgery on his back several years ago, and it seems that another disc has collapsed and is sitting on the nerve to his arm causing complete numbness. They will take a piece of bone from his hip and replace the collapsed disc, fusing it all together with a plate and screws. Ugghhhh. So, please pray for Jim, Judy, his doctors and the friends that are taking in my sister during this time as they will be in southern Georgia for a few days.

Once again too much fluid was taken off Jim at dialysis yesterday, and he is just whipped. These new machines are better, but sometimes you need to look within yourself, instead of to a machine for answers. And I don't care what the machine says!!! It's TOO much! So, we talked with Amber, our nurse, yesterday and she is going to increase his dry weight, so we shouldn't have this problem again tomorrow. We will see...

I am still so excited that I was a match for the tissue typing. I can't wait to get the next kit in the mail. I talked to a good friend of ours that is a nurse, and a professor at Mott, and she explained that this next test is for the antibodies. It will tell if Jim will react to me. Now, my first response is..."heck yea! I've had 18 years of experience getting a reaction out of him!!" But in this case I guess we don't want a reaction, so I need to be good:) Ok, seriously... they don't want to take my kidney if he's going to react right away and reject it.

It's very scary around here. Everything seems to be falling into place. We got our house payment straightened around for the time being, so at least we don't have to worry about being behind in our payments. The kids are settling into their new semester routines. Casey is doing MUCH better, eating 2 cans of food a day, AND spending time with me out in the living room, and the Hideaway! I feel like I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out. I've always been very optomistic; however, lately...well, I think most of you can imagine.

I find myself becoming more and more faithful, going back to 2 of my favorite poems and a song that I love. 'Footprints' reminds me that God is always with me, even in the darkest hour. 'If you love something set it free' and Garth Brooks song, "Unanswered prayers" reminds me that it is all part of His plan, don't question Him, just trust Him.

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