Monday, January 15, 2007

I made it

Well, I made it back home. Although there were many times that I wasn't quite sure. Flying home between Texas and Michigan was pretty iffy at times. But the fog lifted just in time for our flight to leave, and I made it to Detroit with 30 minutes to spare for my next flight to Flint.

I had a good time, learned a ton, and am rejuvinated to get busy again with all these new ideas for my business.

Everything went pretty well while I was gone. Saturday morning was not fun, as Staci was an hour late getting Jim to dialysis. That was scary, because usually they would not beable to run him for his full 4 hours, and with having Sunday and today off from dialysis that could have been dangerous. However, I called Hemacare and talked to his nurse, and they happen to have an extra machine available that they could keep him on for his full 4 hours. Whew!!!! Usually the extra machine is down for repairs, and not available.

Staci had dish network installed, and that seems to be helping Jim's depression. We only had 2 stations available to us, and so he would spend most of his time sleeping. Staci said while I was gone that he stayed awake much more, enjoying the different stations. I can't imagine being so young and nothing more to live for than to sit and watch TV, and wait for your kids to come home from school. I'm so blessed to have my business that I can work from home.


Lori said...

Hello Jacob's family! I have been thinking about all of you as well. I apologize for not keeping in better touch with you. Jan, it is interesting that you mention the fundraiser, I have been thinking about that as well. I was going to get with Jan to work on putting one together for your family. Whenever you are ready to get started I am there my friend! I miss all of you very much! I love the pictures you posted, you have a beautiful family. I love you all!

Jan Jacobs said...


We miss and love you too:)

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