Friday, March 16, 2007

Good morning!

You gotta love Michigan weather?!?! I never thought I would ever consider moving away, but this weather sure is causing havoc on Jim's body. The dampness and the cold are causing alot of pain with his gout. Last night he could hardly walk, I had to help him. I wish he would just use the wheel chair to get up and down the hall if nothing else, but he feels it is more of a hassel than a help to him yet at this point.

I had a bit of a problem yesterday too. After dialysis we went to Bill & Rose's to drop something off, and I nearly passed out. I was fine, and then all of a sudden 'yuck', I could feel myself go. Jim, Bill and Rose looked at me, and said, "sit!" I looked in a mirror, and could not get over how grey my lips were!!! I'm sure it was just my sugar, but suprised because I haven't been having any trouble with it lately. Probably just a little reminder from above to take care of myself too. "Hhmmm... ok, but did you really have to hit me over the head with that little reminder??? Yea, I guess you did!!"

Staci has called a couple of times, and she is doing well. Everything went good with the surgery, and she got her drainage tubes out yesterday.

Becca is trying out for JV softball this week. She has been so tired. Between being sick last week, going to school, then an hour and a half of softball, and then 2 hours of work, only to come home to homework and chores!! She is one heck of a kid!

Aly doesn't start softball tryouts until after spring break. Adam finally went back to school today after being home for 3 days sick.

Wednesday we got some gravel brought in for our driveway, because it was a huge mudhole!! And guess what??? My fish unthawed and are back alive swimming around their little pond out front!!! I was so excited to see that they made it through the winter. I'm very excited about starting to clean up my gardens for spring, now if Mother Nature will just work with us a little bit?!?!

And MAYBE someday we'll actually get our high speed wireless internet??? We will not be getting Air Advantage due to the tower not able to reach us, maybe if we're lucky the tower that they are putting up in Lapeer in May will reach us (I highly doubt it though), and then AT&T called and said that we are elgible for DSL now, and that we could be hooked up yesterday!!! Wahoo!!! But when I called because our router still wasn't here, I found out that it was just being shipped yesterday, and that we'll get it installed NEXT Wednesday. AAarrrgggghhhhhh!!!! Here goes that whole 'patience' thing again.

I would like to take a minute and ask for some special prayers for some very good friends of mine, the Nolan's. I helped put on a fundraiser for Ryan Nolan 2 years ago, we were searching for a bone marrow donor for his leukemia. He ended up getting the transplant, but has been battling with GVHD (this is what killed Janet after her transplant) ever since. This young man has been through more than any other 16 year old I know. Jim's heart breaks for Ryan every time we talk about him. Jim knows what it's like to be sick during the years that should be carefree and full of fun with friends! Ryan's GVHD has become life threatening, so I am asking for prayers for Ryan, Lori (his mom), Mike (his dad), Melissa (his sister), Anthony (his brother), and his doctors. Please pray for the family to continue their strength through this battle, and pray for Ryan's doctors to guide them with healing hands.

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