Tuesday, March 13, 2007


John just called, and he's a match!!! Wahoo!!!! Now, we have to take John down to Ann Arbor next Wednesday, they will then determine whether or not he'll beable to go through with the transplant. There are some things from his past that could keep him from donating. So, we could use some extra prayers.

Jim is not doing well today at all. He is in severe pain, I've given him all the pain meds that I can, next we'll be on our way to the hospital if I can't get it under control this afternoon. Adam is also sick, I got a call from the school while picking Jim up from dialysis. Luckily the girls are doing better and didn't have school today due to testing in the High School, so they're able to help me.

Jim and I will not be going with Staci to the hospital tomorrow. She informed us last night that she is 19 and old enough to do what she wants, and that she would not be coming back to our house after her surgery. I guess deep down I always knew that this "I'm 18+ and I'll do what I want" speech would come. Oh to be a teenager again, when I knew it all!!!

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