Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Hero!

Yes, Jim is my hero today, as he saved my life and probably both of our lives this morning...

On our way to dialysis at 5:30 this morning I had pulled into the turn lane to wait for oncoming traffic to clear so that I could pull into the hospital. There was an abnormal amount of traffic and a very long line of cars and lights coming towards us. As I was looking farther north for a break in the traffic, Jim started yelling, "Watch out, watch out, watch out!" as he grabbed for my arm we both jerked the wheel hard and avoided a very large white pickup that had crossed into my lane and going to hit us head on! All I saw was his headlights coming right in my window as I swerved to get out of his way. Thank God there was no one behind me or in the northbound lane that I ended up in. I was very shook up, as I have never been so close to being hit, without actually being hit.

What a very crazy way to start your morning, I'm thinking a nice quiet day at home sounds really good right now....

And I'd like to thank God for his angels of protection, and Jim for watching out for me today:)

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