Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome sunshine!!!

What a beautiful day!!! The sun is brightly shining and bringing a smile to my heart.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. Dad and Bev knew what kind of shape I was in with my back and invited us to dinner at their house. It was very nice.

Yesterday Adam started baseball practice. He was so tired and sore when he got home last night:)

Becca had a great day as she spent the day at the University of Michigan Flint campus!!! Her friend, Sarah, is a freshman there and since they had class, but Becca didn't yet, Sarah thought it would be a great opportunity for Becca to get a taste of college life. Becca had so much fun, she got to go right into Sarah's classes with her, she even had the opportunity to take a Spanish test, but she chose not to:)' They even got the chance to swim in the pool after Sarah explained to one of her instructors that Becca was on the swim team at East and was thinking of attending U of M. Becca got a full tour of the campus and school facilities. She is very excited and thinks that is where she would like to go to school for Pschycology!

We are all very excited that the kids went back to school today after their spring break. Whew! Now the real rat race begins with 3 in sports with practices and games and Becca working.

Well, if you're in our area, I hope you're enjoying our long awaiting sunshine, and no matter where you are I hope you have a Blessed day!

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