Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, right now we're playing the waiting game. I've talked to a transplant coordinator at Wm. Beaumomt hospital in Troy, Michigan. They seemed very eager to look over our case, so Chad has shipped all of Jim and John's medical records over there. The nurses were going to look it over and decide which surgeon would be best to evaluate it.

The kids are keeping us very busy with playing ball, so that definetely helps keep our minds busy too. Between Becca and Aly they have a game every night this week! Aly's first game is tonight at Grand Blanc, since I'm keeping stats I get to ride the bus with the team!! Wahoo. I'm going to be ready for some peace and quiet when I get home, I'm sure... I went and watched Adam practice Monday night, they don't start their games til 2nd week of May. I'm afraid that May is going to be insane!!!

Jim has been feeling a bit better. He definetely has his good and bad days. He mowed lawn Friday night and Sunday. It now takes him 2 days to mow our lawn and the day after he is whipped! Yesterday he slept until 9 pm, and got up just in time for everyone else to go to bed:( His days and nights are completely switched around. But he seems to sleep better during the day. If he goes to bed at night then we have to leave the kitchen light on so the house isn't so dark. One thing I've learned about kidney patients is that they have a true fear of death and darkness. So, rather than fighting him sleeping during the day, so he can sleep at night I just let him go. As long as he gets a restful sleep I really don't care what time of the day he gets it.

His gout has settled down again. I swear his gout scares me more than his kidney disease. The pain is so severe. They've tried vicodine, and that made his heart stop beating 21 times in a 24 hour period. They've tried morphine, and Jim didn't like how that made him feel. He wasn't able to function and felt like he was in a fog all of the time. They've got him on dilauted, which is 3 times more powerful than morphine, and this works well. It keeps his pain to a minimum and he has a clear head. However, just like with any narcotic, he is building an immunity to it, and I can see where it's taking more to keep the pain down, and he's not able to go without it without getting very sick. His gout upsets me so much, due to the fact that it was preventable. But now that it has gotten to this point there is no cure. Had this been managed properly with medication years ago, he would not be in this situation. When I see my husband not able to walk to the bathroom, I get so enraged at the doctor that did not help him! Speaking of...Jim saw her a few weeks ago, for the first time since we fired her. He was very polite and said, "Hi, Dr.....", and she completely blew him off. 'How professional!'

Well, it's time for Mom Taxi to get her keys and be off again:) Have a wonderful spring day!

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