Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a weekend...

What a weekend it's been!! Yesterday I had an all day crop and we had a ball!!! Today Jim and I went up to Birch Run to watch Aly show Desi, our friend, Barb's dog. She got 2nd!! We're so proud of her and her first real dog show. She was right up their with the 'Big Dogs'!! Then we went out to dinner at the Bavarian Inn at Frankenmuth with Barb, Ross, Becky and her husband, Ralph.

Well, unfortunately it was way too much for Jim. He had also mowed the lawn yesterday and we've just plain done him in. He's lost his dinner, I've put 3 lidocaine patches on him, and he's taken 2 delauted, and he's still in so much pain, it breaks my heart...

I'm going to try again and update the pictures today. I tried the other day and after about an hour of work, I lost it all... errrggghhhhhh!!!!

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