Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

Well, today is a heart wrenching day, as Becca, Aly, Adam and I sat on the bed with Jim watching him try to open his cards and gifts. As we realized his difficulty we offered to open them for him. He wasn't even able to squirt the cologne that we got him. We discussed what was going on, and it seems that at one point this week one of his meds fell down in behind the couch. With a heaping basket of meds for him to take daily, he didn't even realize that he had missed it....until this morning. So, today will be spent trying to get his gout under control without a trip to the ER. Please pray that we will be able to do this, as you might remember last time he was OD'ed at the hospital when this happened, so you know that I will be much more on top of his monitoring today. He drug tolerance is climbing to a dangerous point. Last week he took 3 Delauted, 1 Vicodin, and 2 Ambien to try and get his RLS/Gout pain under control to try and sleep with no avail.

My Dad is also having health problems. For years my dad has had difficulty with hypoglycemia (as with all of us kids!), but a few years ago it took a drastic turn into diabetes. It has become worse this past few months as he is now insulin dependent. Yesterday he had a terrible spell after taking his insulin, and eating dinner. So, this end of Greenwood Rd. is going to sit tight this Father's Day and watch out for each other, as this is what we seem to do best lately:)

We would like to wish all those Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day! Enjoy your loved ones, and don't forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

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Rachael said...

Ray is in your prayers, as always. I will put in prayer request at church too. Please give him a big hug from me! Love you guys.

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