Sunday, November 18, 2007

We're alive!!!!!

I cannot believe that I haven't updated in 3 months!!!! Boy, do I have alot to fill you in on....

Becca had an unbelievable swim season. She has improved so much, she got her varsity letter and three medals. Last week she turned 16 and got her drivers license:) What a help that has been to me.... She is doing really well in school, her english class is actually a college course, she has chemistry, spanish, American Lit, History, as you can see she has a tough load this year.

Alyson has been helping me the most with our new business. She is our little social butterfly, always on the phone and the computer:~0

Adam had a pretty good football season. He learned alot, and they finally won their last game. He has quite the following of girls that call all the time. Last week he started wrestling, so far he loves it.

My business is going exceptionally well. We have had several fundraisers, and we are now in three stores:) We are in the Candlewicke Shoppe in Ferndale, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in Romeo, and Past Tense in Lapeer. I am so proud of our products, and the response we are getting. We now have 2 sizes of candles, handpoured soaps, air fresheners, lip balm, bath salts, melts, diffusers, and I'm constantly looking for new ideas.

Now for an update on Jim...

Well, on October 17th he had a heart cath. After having a little tightness in his chest, we made an appt. with Dr. Harris, and he thought maybe he'd have to put another stent in. Dr. Harris came out of the Cath room to speak with us, and I could not believe my ears.... "Jim had to have a quad bypass, and his aortic valve replaced!" What? Are you kidding me????

On Friday, October 19th after 7 and a half hours of surgery he ended up 'only' having a triple bypass, and a mechanical aortic valve put in. He stayed in McLaren Hospital for the following week, enduring 6 days of dialysis, many transfussions, and too many sleepless nights. It's been a month since his surgery, and he is doing very well. He was released to drive again this past week, and should be starting his cardiac rehab soon.

We have been so very blessed this last year. God has been very good to us, guiding us all the way through the valleys of life. We are very excited to be hosting a huge Thanksgiving Celebration this Thursday with 24 of our closest family and friends.

Jim and I would like to wish all of you a very Blessed Thanksgiving.

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