Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here comes another week

Let's see what is new...

Aly got her braces off, her smile is BEAUTIFUL!!! Her first week of band camp went great, After only 4 practices of marching band, she marched in the Lapeer Days parade yesterday. And she turned 14 yesterday...yes, she's had a busy week.

Becca has been working her butt off this week, she goes to swim practice at 7:45 am til 10 am, and then again at 8pm til 10pm, along with work at Suncrest, and trying to maintain a social life the last couple of weeks of summer.

Adam has still been working out getting ready for football, and helping Papa with his lawn. This week the kids go to their schools and get their schedules.

Jim's lab work came back and it seems that he has been exposed to Epstein Bar Syndrome (sp?). There are 4 test, one was positive and three were negative, which means that at one time he was exposed, but is not currently active. I don't really know what all that means, one of the things that I hate about the doctors coming in to see him while at dialysis and me not being there...

I've been really busy this last week, as I've started a new company, "Jan's Soy Scentsations". I'm making candles for fundraisers. You can check it out at I already have 2 fundraisers going, and an order for 50 candles to sell at the Relay for Life.

We've been having such a difficult time since Jim had to quit working, and I've really struggled with balancing wife, mom, nurse, work, friend, daughter, taxi driver, chef, housekeeper, accountant, shopper, the list seems to just keep going on and on. I've prayed alot, and tried to be patient and sit back and see what God has in store for me. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching this last week unfold for me, imagining God watching over me and smiling from ear to ear.

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