Sunday, December 31, 2006

God hears us...

As we close the drapes on 2006, I pray for nothing but goodness for all our friends and family in 2007. 2006 has proven to be a trying year, and one that I will never forget...

Jan. 12th, Jim has a heart attack while I'm in Tennessee at a Leadership training for Stampin' Up! My kids learned how strong they were taking care of their dad, getting him to the hospital and contacting everyone. While I learned what wonderful friends I had, like Denise who supported me that night as I lay crying not knowing what was going on so far away. And Todd, our Pastor and dear friend, who got me home as soon as he could so I could be where I needed to be. And then God put our dear friend Bart Gentsch, in the airport in Detroit. He should have been home already, but had a delay, so there he was waiting for me in the airport to talk with me, and give me support as once again I can do nothing but wait...

The next 4 months were filled with doctor visits, hospital visits, and countless arguments with insurance companies. As we got Jim's heart better, figured out just the right combination of his medicines, and prepared him for future dialysis.

We finally had a reprieve through June, July and August enjoying time with his nephew Brandon, and that long awaited trip back home from Thomas, who we miss so dearly.

Then came August 27th, Jim had ballooned up to over 300 lbs filled with fluid that his heart and kidney just could not get rid of. He was going into congestive heart failure, and it was time for the dreaded dialysis. The one thing that Jim had made me promise many years ago never to let him go back on. But we did it. It's not fun. It's 4 hours tied to a machine, 3 days a week. It's feeling so weak that you do nothing for the rest of the day. It's praying that tomorrow will be better. It's not like this for everyone, as I see some people get up out of their chairs and walk out on their own, and drive themselves home, or to the grocery store. However, Jim is not so lucky. As now we have several new problems to contend with, mainly his gout.

But first we came to September 12th, as I took Jim to the ER because he just wasn't feeling right...I have learned to trust his judgement as he knows his body better than most. Within hours I'm in front of a doctor listening to him tell me that I need to contact the family and that he only has a 30-40% chance of making it through the septic shock. Once again, God heard our prayers and within a few more hours Jim was making a miraculous recovery. I remember the doctor standing in his doorway just watching him in amazement, speechless.

October and November proved even more trying with my Beloved Grama breaking her hip, going through surgery and then passing away on October 10th, and Jim struggling with his pain management for his gout to the point of crippled in a wheel chair, and not able to write his name. Which brings us to November 28th, the day that I saw my husband closest to death, the day that started this blog, the day that I will never forget. Once again God heard me, and my cell phone rang in the was Todd. God knew I needed help, and could no longer be in that room alone watching my husband.

Then came the outpouring love and support from places we never expected. It brought tears to our eyes. Christmas was not just December 25th, it was the whole month of December! Looking back on this year in review you can see the countless times that God has graced us with His presence. Most people do not see God in their daily lives, please read this blog and know that He is with you always, ALL OF YOU, AND ALL OF US!

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