Thursday, January 4, 2007

A New Year...

Here's to the New Year of 2007!! Let's pray that things start looking up for us. We'll find out tomorrow if our local LCB&T is going to help us out on our mortgage. We've really been trying to turn our credit around, and it's just been one thing after another. We refinanced 3 years ago, with a 2 year fixed, never in a million years thinking that Jim would be disabled this soon. Our thoughts were to get on track for a couple of years bring our credit rating up and go from there. We've kept up with the house (barely), but were always 30 days late. Which did NOT help our credit rating. Then August came, and so did the adjustable rate. Our payment went up $300, now as of January 1st, it went up another $150!! Now we've got the direct deposit of Social Security, and a secure method of payment and can't get a loan to save our life. It is so frustrating, to constantly try and do the right thing, and yet constantly feel like you're always going 2 steps backwards. One thing about all of this, is that I pray that we've taught our children more about managing money (or how NOT to manage money!!), and to better prepare them for their future. Money management was just something that didn't get talked about at either of our homes when Jim and I were young.

Staci is all moved back in, and so are her kittens! I'll be adding new pictures of Jim and Marco and Polo. The two are brothers that she got from a veternerian. They are full of piss and vinegar, and love to cuddle with Jim on the couch. He is very much enjoying them.

We took Jim to get an echo yesterday at Lapeer Hospital, to have the results sent down to U of M. And we go this Sunday for his MRA. He had dialysis this morning, and has been sleeping ever since. He just seems absolutely exhausted from the holidays. Our dear friends, Rick and Corina, have been helping out alot. Rick is busy putting Becca and Adam's rooms back together, and building me the most wonderful pantry. I just can't wait til it's done!!!

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