Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"E" Day

Well, today is the day. I've got the girls off to school, and I'm just sipping on my coffee waking up before I get Adam ready to take to school. Jim's mom is here, and she's going to Ann Arbor with us. We'll be leaving around 9:30. Our appointment is at 11:45 and will last about 5 hours. If I don't post tonight, I promise to post first thing tomorrow morning:)

You'll never guess who called us yesterday??? Our social worker from Social Security!!! I was shocked! After almost 4 months of trying to get him to call us, he finally did. We did everything over the phone and Jim is finally all set with his Medicare. Now we just have to go back and have every bill for the last year revamped, resubmitted and then figure out what we really owe instead of the $40,000 in bills sitting on my desk. And it needs to be done quickly because some of these are coming up on a year old and can't be resubmitted after that. Merry Christmas to me:) Aarrrggghhhhhh!!

While I had him I did remember to ask about my insurance. This really sucks! All the years Jim worked and had coverage on me and the kids... now only him and the kids will have insurance! I'm left out in the cold. "Ok, Lord. I know I said, "bring it on, give me your best shot" when I was upset the other day, but please, please, please do not let me get sick now"
I guess I'll look into getting Medicaid for myself, as I don't know what else to do.

And last, but not least please pray for us to have a safe trip today. I was really hoping to get the water pump fixed before we went, but that just didn't work out. I have the money to pay for the part now I just need to find someone with time to put it in for us.

Thanks for listening this morning...

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