Monday, December 18, 2006


Jim had a GREAT day on Friday!! It was amazing. He even said, "it feels so good to feel this good!" We went and picked out a grave blanket for his dad, went out to the cemetary (in Mt. Morris!), and even went and visited Lonnie. It was simply awesome...

Saturday he did pretty well on dialysis, and then we had LOTS of company, and then company again on Sunday. He loves it when we have company, it gives him something else to think about, AND someone else to talk to besides me and the kids!! However, I'm afraid I won't see much of him today, as he will spend the day in bed or sleeping in his chair. But that's ok, seeing him so happy this weekend was worth it.

I'm afraid I didn't help his situation much last night in letting him sleep. I haven't been feeling well, all this cleaning has my asthma and allergies in a total uproar!! It'll be worth it when I'm done though...if I'm not dead!! I soooooo need a cleaning lady...LOL!

Well...our mind hasn't left the thought of Wednesday and what it'll bring. I am so nervous. If they say he can have a 3rd kidney transplant, I'll be shocked and so happy, and worried about the next step, and if they say he's not elgible for another transplant I'll be devestated, and so very worried about what that will do to Jim mentally. So, needless to say Wednesday is bound to bring us a whole new set of worries either way. Please keep us in your prayers, and I trust that God will allow to happen what is best for us, and then I have the faith to accept His will.

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