Saturday, December 2, 2006

Good morning!

I just picked up Jim from dialysis, and he did pretty good this morning. He is feeling extremely anxious though, and having alot of difficulty with his RLS. He said he's ready to call U of M and see about starting the 3rd transplant proceedings. Up until now he hasn't been ready; however, now he is so frustrated with having to go to dialysis 3 times a week, and everything that goes with it that now he is ready to see what we can do.

Today he has decided to take his frustration out on our walls!!! Sometimes sitting around the house 24-7 gives you too much time to think about what you can do differently... So he has figured that if we take out the wall between Adam's room and our walk-in closet that will give Adam 4 more feet of bedroom, then take out Adam and Aly's closets to give her 2 more feet in her room, then take out the wall between my office and Becca's room to give Becca a bigger room. My question was what about our closet, Adam and Aly's closets and my office??? Well, he's thought about that too...He'll figure something out. Oh, my! However, I'm thinking the bright side is that he won't be too anxious to kick me out of the garage!!! As I'm loving my new "Scrapbookers Hideaway!!" All in all, it's not a big deal, and it gives him something to think about besides his current situation.

Aly has become quite the chef! She is preparing all of the goodies for my Christmas party tonight for my SU downline. She has made cookies, a triple chocolate mousse, and 7 layer bars, and the house smells delicious!!! By the way, she did compete yesterday in Lansing; however, it was in the puppy match as she is not yet a Junior Showman. I guess that is something special that she has to work up to. She was very nervous, but did great as she got first place and a ribbon!!! We're very proud of her, as she is taking great pride in learning about showing dogs.

Adam had a great time at the dance, and he even kissed Lexie!! Thank God today he admitted that it wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. Whew!! Adam has liked Lexie since Kindergarten, some of you might remember about 5 years ago when he proudly showed me that he knew how to spell her name!! With my scrapbooking stickers on his dresser...Lexie Ignash!!

Well I'm off to a busy day. I've got a wedding to do at the church this afternoon, and then my party tonight. Have a wonderful day!

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