Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Man, am I whipped...

Well, now I know that Jim would have made a great foreman!!! He has had Nathan, Alyson, Adam and I working our little hinneys off. Yes, he's had 2 great days:) I'm hoping for a reprieve today after he gets home from dialysis... We took down the walls between our closet and Adam's room, and my office and Becca's room. Adam and Becca are already thrilled to have bigger rooms, even if they are 2 different colors. Jim's friend, Rick, is coming out Sunday afternoon to frame in the new hall closet, and put some finishing touches on what we ripped out.

I, on the other hand have a huge mess to take care of in the hideaway. It'll take me a week to put everything away:(

We are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. It's been very difficult for our family to accept the help and generousity of those around us. A Pastor from another church told me last week that we are good at giving, but we need to learn to receive. Because until you truly learn to receive you only give out of arrogance. That took me back a little, but made me look at things a little differently. It's hard because I'm tired of receiving and ready to give again. But, I guess God isn't finished with us yet???

Well, I've got to finish up my computer work, and get busy cleaning. yahoo!!!


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