Thursday, February 1, 2007

Another week almost gone...

Well, I almost got through all of the product that Dave brought me to price. I had to pack it back up since I had a workshop last night. But the biggest part is behind me.

Tuesday at dialysis they took almost 11 pounds off from Jim. Needless to say he has been totally wiped out. Today was better though. Yesterday we went to see Dr. Brinker and had a wonderful visit with her. She showed us the results of his Echo, there is some damage to the left side of his heart from his gout; however, it's not so bad that she thought it would keep him from the transplant. His heart does not relax all the way after it pumps blood into his body, but if we can keep his blood pressure and pulse down it doesn't bother him too much. The right side of his heart looks really good, which is awesome news since that is the side that pumps directly into the lungs. "He will need some work done on his aortic valve, but hopefully not for 20 years". I cannot tell you how this made me feel, listening to a doctor talk about my husband and his health in 20 years! It was incredible. He is also having some yucky side effects from some of his meds. It is causing him some real discomfort, but he can't get off from these meds so he's just going to have to deal with it.

I was very anxious to tell you about this appt. yesterday; however, as I was bringing in a 50 lb bag of wood pellets for our stove into the house, I fell off the porch and onto my side and back. I look up and here's Jim telling me, "Get up, you're in the snow!" No, SHIT!!! Well, I spent the rest of the afternoon, licking my wounds and pride:)

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