Monday, February 5, 2007

Good morning!

It is sooooo cold!!! Brrrrrrr. The wind chill is -10 to -20, so they closed school, even the college. Jim Waddell, I know you're jealous, and wish you were here!!!!

Becca had Snowcoming on Saturday. She looked so beautiful, but VERY cold!! Her and Bryan had a good time.

Saturday morning went well with Jim's dialysis; however, one of the other patients brought in puppies.... I left the hospital with NO puppy; however, when we got home and told Becca about them, she begged for one. You'd have to really know the whole situation with Becca to fully understand why this was so important, but Jim and I did give in. And we are now the proud Grandparents of another pup! And Casey is very much loving his role as a big brother (or I guess Big cousin!)

We are still waiting for the results of our antibodies test, hopefully we'll hear something today.

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