Wednesday, February 7, 2007

still waiting...

I talked to Chad yesterday, and he's still waiting for the results. He said that we should definetely hear something this week, and that he'd keep an eye out for them, and call me asap.

I added a picture of our new Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards!). Becca said she named her that cause she's "A little bit of heaven"! She's doing really good, and has her first vet appt this Saturday. Becca had to wait to get paid again... Hmmmm, after only 4 days Becca has already decided that she does NOT want children!!! Nevaeh is just like a newborn baby that does not sleep through the night, and has accidents in her bed, and cost alot! And I'm actually getting the best of grandparenting, I get to play with her and hold her while she's sleeping, and then give her back to her mom when she's too hyper!! Although I do babysit while Becca is in school or at work, but when she goes to Bryan's I make her take Nevaeh with her. Hehe, this is fun!!

Jim had a really rough day at dialysis yesterday. They took almost 10 lbs off from him again. That darn Superbowl party got the best of him. It didn't seem like he ate many chips, but I don't know what else it could have been. He was totally out of it until late last night, stayed up a little bit and then went right back to bed. We're hoping for a better day today.

The kids went back to school today after having Monday and Tuesday off because of the cold. I'm curious why today was any different, it's only 4 degrees warmer than it's been, so it's a whopping 3!!! Without the wind chill... At least I drive all of our kids so they don't have to wait for a bus.

Staci is so excited as she got a new car last Friday!! It's a '01 Oldsmobile Intrigue, very nice. She went to Palm Tree Auto here in Lapeer, and they were awesome!! Rhonda (co-owner) would not stop until she got Staci approved for financing even writing her a letter of recommendation (after only knowing Staci for 15 minutes!) She said, "I can tell that this kid deserves a break, she's honest and hardworking". She not only got her approved, but got her 7.25% That's amazing!! I'm very proud of her, she's turning out to be a wonderful young lady. She started seeing a 'real' doctor (not a pediatrician!), and has an appointment Tuesday with a surgeon to discuss a breast reduction. This has been a long time dream of Staci's, and it is definetely causing her great difficulty with her back. So please pray for her and her doctors. Thank you:)

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