Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm back...

My apologies for not posting this last week. It has been a very difficult week.

First of all, no, we do not have an answer yet on our test. Arrgghhhh!!! I have talked to Chad and he said that as soon as we get the answer, if negative (which is what we're looking for) then he's going to get me right in for pre-op testing within 2 weeks. And then we'll be off to transplant. John got his second test back and he is also a match. Now Jim and John have to go have the same test done that Jim and I are waiting for. There are 3 factors that determine whether they'll choose me or John to be the donor. Health, finances and work. John is currently not working due to a back injury, which has created a hardship for them, and he also takes care of their 2 young children. I, on the otherhand, can still work from home to maintain our income. I won't be able to drive, but with all of our wonderful friends, I'm sure we'll beable to work something out.

Now, back to last week...

On Monday, Staci was leaving for town, and so was I. She had pulled out of the driveway, so I went into reverse to also back up, and there she was! Staci had not only pulled back into the driveway, but directly behind me!! Needless to say, I hit her new car. It only put a small hole and crack in her front bumper, but to her that was her world. Well, after a very long week, she moved out again yesterday. She has now moved to Davison in a one room apartment by herself. Oh, the struggles of being a young adult wanting to be independant and out on their own, not to mention the struggles of being a parent of a young adult wanting to be independant and out on their own!!!

I have kept myself very busy. I have already sold over $2,500 in rubber stamps and accessories this month, on top of $1,000 of product from the gentleman that I'm helping out after his wife died. Along with getting stuff ready for 2 seminars in the beginning of March.

Our friend, Rick, has been helping us alot with getting our house back in order. He made our new closet!!! Yeah!!! And is getting everything prepared for the drywaller to come in and mud and tape.

Saturday evening Jim and I went out to dinner with Rick and Corina. We had alot of fun. We so enjoy being with those two. It was very relaxing to get out and be a 'normal' couple for a change. However, dialysis was rough Saturday, and then going out that night, now Jim is out!!! He is having such a difficult time. He gets exhausted, sleeps all day and then he'll go a day in a half with no sleep at all. He took his sleeping medicine, and still couldn't sleep last night. And of course, when he can't sleep either can I!!! But he gets to finally sleep, and I get to get up with the kids (our 3 year old niece, Reina, is here), and then work tonight. Does it sound like I'm whining???? Sorry:(

Well, here's to a better week!

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