Sunday, February 11, 2007


Patience is something I never thought I had; however, I think I'm doing pretty good. God is definetely testing me yet again:) No, we haven't heard anything on our test results. So, I've been plunging into volunteer work, which has been wonderful.

Yesterday I went and helped out to make scrapbook pages for the last 50 years of the CANUSA games. This is their 50th anniversary, and they're hoping to have it all scrapbooked by August.

And then today, Jim and I worked the Refuge at our church. There are 10 homeless that will be staying at our church for the next two weeks. We will help out as much as we can as long as Jim is able.

He is very tired. He's not sleeping, they started him on another med to help with that. He's having problems with anxiety and his joints are hurting alot.

Hopefully we'll finally have some news tomorrow.


Little Miss said...

Hi Jan and Jim,

Love your blogging page, it's great. I will see you tonight at stamp camp!


Little Miss said...

How was your night out for dinner? Hope you guys had a nice time. Thanks for letting come over Saturday and make my stamp club stuff...I always have a great time at the HIDEAWAY!


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