Thursday, March 8, 2007

We're alive!!!!

I am so bad.... Jim keeps asking me, "Did you update the blog today?" My apologies again to all of you...

First of all, Jim and I are doing much better mentally. Things seem to be really coming around for us. Now if we can just get him a new kidney. We still haven't heard anything on John's test yet. Hopefully by this next week.

Where do I start??? Hhmmmm....
Staci seems to be doing well in her apartment. We don't hear a whole lot from her. She is having her surgery next Wednesday. Jim and I will be taking her to McLaren Hospital in Flint. It is an outpatient surgery, and I told her that she had to come home with us that night, as I was not going to let her go home to an empty apartment with drainage tubes in her boobs (kinda rhymes!!) She's not real happy about that, but I bet next Wednesday at about 6 pm she'll be fine with it. LOL! I keep saying, "trust me, I'm the mom" Have you guys seen that look??? The "WHATEVER" look? eeerrrrrrrrrr...I hate that look!

Becca is not doing well at all on the other hand. She has been very sick. She was diagnosed with asthma a couple of months ago, and she has had trouble with that, plus a severe sinus infection, plus a cold. She is on 2 breathing treatments, an antibiotic, a nasal spray, an inhaler, and a sinus medicine. She has missed 3 days of school this week, and HATES it. She pushed herself to go to work last night, after I told her it wasn't a good idea, and she literally crawled into the car, and then into a tiny ball on the front seat when I picked her up. She said after 20 minutes she knew she shouldn't have been there. "hello!!!! Trust me, I'm the mom" What is it with these kids????

Alyson is doing very well. Although she has MAJOR issues with cleaning her room, she is a great kid. We are so proud of her. Last week she got a call from a lady who had seen her show dogs at class, and asked her to show her dog at the dog show at Cobo Hall last weekend. What an honor for a 13 year old. Although due to unforseen events at the show, Alyson did not show, however, she was so very honored that this lady even asked her. She has become my right hand 'woman' at home, always eager to help with dinner, and not so eager to help with cleaning, but does it anyway:)

Adam is just growing up too darn fast. He had orientation for Junior High this week!!! Aarrrggghhhh, my baby! While we still struggle to get his homework completed and turned in, he has the cleanest bedroom in the house!! He is defintely turning into my right hand 'man', as he helped me move a table downstairs a couple of weeks ago, and when it broke into pieces by the time we got it down there, he took it upon himself to get screws and the tools he needed to fix it while I had gotten a phone call. By the time I got off the phone, he had completely fixed it! I was shocked and proud of how grown up is (and sad all at the same time!)

Jim is doing better with his dialysis. Amber, his nurse, has adjusted some things and he is coping much better without being dehydrated and sick when we leave. His gout is giving him alot of problems right now, probably the weather is not helping. He just hurts everywhere in his body all of the time, it breaks my heart to see him in so much pain, and know that there is nothing that I can do about it. We went to his Rheumatologist a couple of weeks ago. She confirmed that had he been correctly treated for this by his other doctors (that we fired last fall), he would NOT have gotten to this point. However, now that he IS to this point there is nothing that they can do but manage his pain with morphine and delatted. His bones are deteriating, and if he ever fell, God only knows what would happen, I hope we never find out. He will forever be in constant pain from this, it is so very frustrating for him to be so young, and unable to do such simple things, and to be in so much pain.

On a happy note...Jim's friend, Bill Hall, came and picked up his bike last weekend. He has a part that he's going to put on his clutch so that Jim will be able to pull it back and ride again!!! Jim is so excited he can't hardly stand it. I will make sure to get pictures when the bike gets back. I try not to think about him actually riding, I figure I'll cross that bridge when it gets here, for now, just let him be excited about his bike.

He finally got his back pay from Social Security. Whew! Now if they could just get the insurance part figured out so those darn medical bills will get paid, I'd be really happy!!! For the first time in a very LONG time, Jim and I are out of debt except our house, and a small amount on our vehicle, and those are up to date!!! That is a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders, and the feeling is incredible!

Remember when we found out that our new pellet stove was recalled? Well, we finally got a new one! Lapeer Grain not only upgraded our stove, but came out and installed it for me. They are so awesome!!! It is working wonderfully and we love it even more than the other one.

Well, last but not least...I'm doing ok. I ended up with $4,000.00 in sales last month, on top of $1,500.00 for Dave. I demonstrated in front of about 500 Stampin' Up! demonstrators last weekend in Grand Rapids. What a drive!!! We had a terrible snow storm, and there were accidents everywhere!!! This Saturday is my seminar that I'm putting on in Lapeer. I'm pretty much ready. Denise is coming in from California tonight, and staying with us until Monday. I've been working hard not only at my business, but also putting the house back together when Rick comes out to work on it. I've also discovered the wonderful world of online bill payments (why in the world had I not done that sooner???), and wireless internet!! I am SO VERY excited to announce that on March 29th we will have wireless internet. We are getting a satalite for internet, that does not require DSL or a phone line. Wahooo!!!! That means, no more 3 weeks in between posts!!!

Well, it's time to take Adam to school. Have a great day!!! Love you.

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