Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Good morning, and Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a very blessed day with their families. Adam, Becca, Aly and I went to church this morning for a lovely service; however, I soon found out that my back was just not up to sitting in a pew for an hour. So, I'm afraid I left in alot of pain. Staci and Chris D. sang a beautiful song during offertory, and they did a great job.

I'm also afraid that the strains of Jim helping me out this week have finally gotten to him, as he is not feeling very good at all. He is still having a very difficult time with eating and sleeping, and it seems this is just going to be a constant battle for him.

Thursday evening Alyson was helping in the kitchen when she cut her hand with a knife, I ended up taking her to the ER where she received 2 stitches in the base of her thumb on her left hand (Her catching hand!!!!) She starts tryouts on Tuesday for softball, and she is their main catcher!!! Ugghhhhh!!!

Adam is starting baseball practice tomorrow. He has never played baseball on a team before and he is very excited. His sisters are also very excited as Becca says that he is very good, and she can't wait to watch him play.

So, between the three of them playing ball, I think we are going to be very busy this spring!!

Thanks for checking in on us, and have a wonderful Easter day!

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