Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Annivesary!!

Today is our sixteenth wedding anniversary:)

This morning I was thinking back on some of the highlights...

The days that I'd come home from work and be jealous of how much fun you and Staci had while I was gone.

When we built our house...we were so proud of our hard work:)

How proud I am of you! Your dedication to your family, your job, your home!

The endless walking of the halls when Becca was born...

The watering of the trees. Arrgghhh!!! But look at them now!!!

The birth of Alyson, and you and Mom conspiring to have another try at a boy!!

What we went 'through' to conceive Adam....hmmmm:)

You and me riding side by side on our harleys, there's nothing like it:)

The strength you give me everyday, by standing tall at my side.

Watching you and Adam play and Becca, and your long talks, and you holding Aly on your lap

Here is to another wonderful sixteen years to come:)
I love you with all my heart?

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