Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In therapy...

I've started a new therapy session... My gardens!!!

We are thoroughly enjoying our family therapy sessions:) On Sunday Jim mowed the lawn, Adam weedwhipped, and Aly and I weeded the gardens, while Becca had to work. Afterwards Jim and I sat on the porch admiring our work. He is so proud of our yard.

Last night I had customers over and several of them commented on the yard, and asked what company we used to do our lawn maintenance. You should have seen Jim's head blow up like a balloon. LOL!! Of course then he didn't get out of bed until 7 pm yesterday, but oh well, like he said, "At least the yard looks good!"

I'm going to work on getting some pictures of the yard on here soon.


Tya said...

Are you for hire? Do you want to come weed my flower beds? :)

Jan Jacobs said...

hhhmmmmm.....No, thank you:)

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