Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yucky days like this...

It's been really rainy and now colder which is not helping Jim's joints at all! They were able to take an extra 2 1/2 pounds off more than normal which left him dehydrated. Then he bled out when he went to stand up. Arrgghhhh! Looks like he'll be sleeping most of today. That's ok, he's been busy this week...he has mowed the lawn, and last night him and Aly cleaned up the house while I was working.

I can't wait for the days when there will be no more dialysis. I know that his gout will never get better, but if we could at least get away from the dialysis and its affects, it would make his life a little better:)

Oh! We did get good news today!!! Cathy, our social worker at Hemacare, finally was able to straighten out our insurance nightmare. The state has said that they will go back and cover all of our medical expenses back to Jan. '06, that is about $45,000. Wahoo!!!!! There was a huge mixup with Jim's social security from 1980, that it has taken them over a year to fix.

Well, I'm thinkin' it's nappy time:)

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