Thursday, May 24, 2007

I think I can, I think I can...

Waa-Woo!!! Ever feel like the little Engine that could? Well, that's how we're feeling right now.

John just called, and without even starting his actual 'diet' yet, just by stop doing what he knew he should.... He has lost 8 pounds!!! Wahooo!!! Go, Johnny! Go, Johnny!

I am so excited, I could hear the excitement in his voice too!!! As much as I want to wake Jim up I'm going to let him sleep and log him on to read this blog later. Hee, hee, hee!!! He needs the sleep. He made a total mess at dialysis this morning. It's so scary......... You think he's fine, he's been sitting there for a while with clamps on, he's all taped up (not just one little bandaid, we're talking gauze and several strips of medical tape!), he stands up to get his blood pressure and then all of a sudden......There she blows!!! I'm telling you what, that boy can squirt blood through all that gauze at least 4-5 feet! You should have seen 3 nurses and myself scramble!!!

Sorry if that was a little too graphic for some:( Just a little insight of what our life is like I guess... Funny, I remember when we first were dating, and Staci cut her forehead, I pratically passed out. Now, I'm watching stuff right out of a horror movie. Now, that's true love:)

FYI: John does get on and check out this blog, so if anyone would like to post a "Way to go!" of encouragement it would be much appreciated. Thank you for all of your continued support, we love each and every one of you:)

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Rachael said...

"WAY TO GO" John, Keep up the good work loosing the weight! You ALL are in our prayers!! We love you! Hey Ray I'm thinking of you. Get all the rest you can. We are praying!!

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