Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm alive!!!!

I bet you all thought that we left the universe, didn't ya????'s just been really busy, and yet not much going on.

I did go to Denver, what a crazy, way too short trip!!!! But I learned alot, and was able to come home and implement alot of what I learned into my business.

Jim went to see a Rhuemetologist at U of M Hospital on the 25th. This doctor seems to think that he can get a surgeon to do something for Jim's gout, and then after the kidney transplant there is a medicine that he can get on to help keep it under control. This was uplifting news for Jim as he has been very down and in alot of pain.

John needs to lose another 3 pounds before we can go to Beaumont hospital for our orientation, at that time John will need to lose yet another 5 pounds before we go to transplant. So far he has lost 26 pounds, we're so proud of him:)

The last few days we've been having trouble keeping Jim's blood pressure under control. It's been high, he runs a low grade temp, and breaks out into sweats. His pain today has been unbearable, the gout seems to be going into his back.

Becca starts swim, and Alyson starts Band camp next week. Adam has been getting in shape for football, he runs just about everyday, and works out with the weights. Tomorrow Alyson is getting her braces off, finally after 5 years!!!!

I've been busy coming up with new projects for classes, and I started making soy candles. I love the candles!!! They're easy, and smell wonderful!!! I have several here for sale, everyone is different, so if you know of anyone looking for great candles, tell them to give me a call. They make great gifts too:)

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